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Earth and Sky:

Nature Meditations in Word and Watercolor

Essays by Judy Benson

Paintings by Roxanne Steed

Foreword by Christine Woodside

Paperback, full color, 73 pages

This is just what the world needs right now--an adoration of nature in gentle words and luscious watercolor paintings.

This brief and beautiful book is a comfort to anyone who appreciates a waterfall, stone walls, ice, a sunrise, a swamp, wild violets, a bird on a branch, a dirt road in the country.

Every coffee table becomes more inviting with Earth and Sky atop it.

Praise for Earth and Sky...

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"At a virus-ridden moment when we need it, Judy Benson brings her journalist's eye for nature's telling details -- and artist Roxanne Steed adds crowning brush strokes -- for a read that feels more like a meditation."

-Larry Tye, author of eight books including, most recently, Demagogue: The Life and Long Shadow of Senator Joe McCarthy.

"In Earth & Sky, Judy Benson and Roxanne Steed move through the reassuring cycle of seasons during the unsettling pandemic year of 2020. Poetic reflections and evocative watercolors chronicle the sublimity of nature alongside everyday life. The work invites us to seek renewal by stepping outside and engaging deeply with what we find there, proffering hope that doing so will help us face our collective uncertain future."

-Helen M. Rozwadowski, UConn professor of history and maritime studies, author of Vast Expanses: A History of the Ocean

"Deprived of the social contact that defines our humanity, Judy Benson and Roxanne Steed—and so many others during the pandemic—turned outdoors for distraction and meaning and found comfort.   This book captures the multiple voices of nature and the normality we craved as nature's rhythms brought seasonal change.  Beautifully illustrated, engaging reflections paint the picture of a child turned adult able to articulate wonder through prose. It is a read for all time."

Claudia Weicker, chair, Roger Tory Peterson Estuary Center, Old Lyme, CT



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