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Yantic Cemetery

by Melodye A. Whatley

Paperback,  211 pages, $15.95

There are over 11,000 stories buried in Yan- tic Cemetery in Norwich, Connecticut. This book tells more than 100 of them.

The names ring bells in Norwich...

Backus...Crocker...Otis...Osgood... Congdon...Huntington...Slater...Bushnell... Buckingham...Cutler...

They were authors, entrepreneurs, leaders, doctors, scientists, mariners, admirals, soldiers, missionaries, reverends...

They were victims of war, murder, disease, accidents, bad luck, and old age.

They are the stories on which Norwich, America, and the world are built...stories in the ground that still live.

With painstaking research, Melodye What- ley has resurrected some of these stories, and in her words, they live. To read them
is to read history — the stories of the past that tell us where we came from and, deep down, who we are.

“An excellent resource for scholars and history enthusiasts alike. Whatley delivers a thorough and engaging look into the lives of prominent Norwich citizens buried in the Yantic Cemetery. From an abolitionist to a vice president to Confederate soldiers, Yantic Cemetery has a rich history for all to enjoy.”

Regan Miner

Consultant, Norwich Historical Society

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