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Drawings by Wells Moore


Praise from the World of Art

Wells Moore’s series of self portraits is her latest step in a lifelong creative quest.  She has always brought creativity to every aspect of her life.  Rather than focus on any particular medium, she draws on a multitude of disciplines including interior design, antiques, photography, lighting, metal sculpture, fashion design and personal adornment to name but a few. She finds material for her work in unexpected places. Her series of self portraits features a juxtaposition of images both disturbing and delightful as well as her own inventions that reveal her total confidence in her own inner processes.  A restless spirit, she is currently producing abstract paintings, the creation of which she says she has “no control over” but which display the inner discipline developed in her years as graphic designer.

—Pamela Marple

Wells’s body of work, from art school to the present, consistently surprises with innovation while keeping to her intelligent and sophisticated creative lodestar. Her graphic design work is impeccable in a wide variety of styles and techniques. Whether making sculptures from found objects or her clever interior designs, Wells has surrounded herself in a unique atmosphere where the air is rare. Now her paintings and drawings come into the foreground. A year of selfies is a project that addresses many facets of the life of any artist, satisfying the urge to work alongside actually doing it. This particular woman’s bold and vigorous endeavor will stir other artists and art lovers to contemplate not only Wells’s journey, but their own as well.

—Victoria Mulligan

Wells Moore’s selfies go deep. Defying the frivolous, narcissistic superficiality of the common cell phone selfie, her portraits search for the inner self beyond the reach of photography or physical perception. In other words, they go where only art and artists go. In their visual journeys, they explore the unknown and reveal something from the misty frontiers of self-understanding.  And dare I suggest that bits of  Wells’s selfies are inside us all? When we look at Wells looking inside herself, we see ourselves inside a little better. It’s worth a look.

—Glenn Alan Cheney

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