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New and Upcoming Books

How a Nation Grieves:
Press Accounts of the Death of Lincoln, 
the Hunt for Booth, and America in Mourning
Edited by Glenn Alan Cheney
with a foreword by
U.S. Representative Joe Courtney

A real-time look at America’s most traumatic moment as seen through the eyes of newspaper journalists and editors. lincoln.html
Break the Spell
by Susan Marie Powers

Break the Spell is about the ways life surprises us with its wonder and terror, its losses and unimaginable blessings. Major themes reiterated throughout the collection include the intense feelings aroused by motherhood, the acute pleasure of sexuality, and the harsh reality of death in its many forms. Many people strive to have it all -- meaningful work, passionate relationships, quality time with their children, health and longevity.spell.html
Potshots from the Left
by G. Amicus Curiae

A compilation of Curiae’s letters and essays defending such liberal causes as world peace, universal health care, grassroots democracy, environmental protection, and fiscal responsibility, fundamental values, and honesty in government.  potshots.html
Remember Me: Stories
by Penny Newbury

A collection of short stories that combine fantasy with the remembered past and recount the interconnected lives and adventures of people who never thought they’d meet each other, especially in fiction. Characters include the denizens of a new-age spiritual community, career criminals, Paraguayan cattle thieves, fishermen, freemasons, humanitarian aid workers, remembered family, and ghosts. Included in the collection is the first chapter of a novel loosely based on a 1990 unsolved murder in southeastern Connecticut.remember.html
Time Gone By
by Lynda Wesley McLaughlin

Time Gone is lushly illustrated with detailed watercolors by the author. Its broad format invites the reader into scenes of a different world...a Caribbean island in days that were as simple as they were human and beautiful.time.html
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Ex Cathedra: Stories by Machado de Assis
a Bilingual Edition
Edited by Glenn Alan Cheney, Luciana Tanure, and Rachel Kopit

Over 20 stories by Machado de Assis, Brazil’s most renowned writer. Most are previously untranslated. With support from Brazil’s Ministry of Culture, this unprecedented Portuguese-English edition was translated by scholars from a dozen universities in four countries. cathedra.html
Promised Land: 
A nun’s struggle to resist landlessness, lawlessness, slavery, poverty, corruption, injustice and environmental devastation in Amazônia. 

Based on Glenn Alan Cheney’s article in Harper’s Magazine, Promised Land reports on the life-and-death struggle of Sister Leonora Brunetto as she struggles to save the people and nature of Brazil’s state of Mato Grosso.  land.html
Quilombo dos Palmares: Brazil’s Lost Nation of Fugitive Slaves

Over the span of the 17th century, the Quilombo dos Palmares , a sprawling nation of fugitive slaves in northeast Brazil, fought off the world’s largest empires. With an egalitarian society and rudimentary parliamentary government, the quality of life in Palmares rivaled that of European society on the coast. The last king of Palmares is believed to have been an educated descendant of slaves. He took the name Zumbi—Lord of War—and built a citadel fortress on a mountain in northeast Brazil. There Palmares made its last stand. palmares.html
Religions in Rio
(As Religiões no Rio)
by João do Rio
translated by Ana Lessa-Schmidt, Ph.D.

João do Rio is considered one of the most literary journalists and novelists of early 20th century Brazil. His writing is astonishingly modern, often bordering on the poetic. Religions of Rio is a deep, eclectic and modern look at the practices and beliefs within the society of Rio de Janeiro at the turn of the 19th century. The author’s insights excel on a historical (almost anthropological) account of the Afro-Brazilian religions of Candomblé and Umbanda, among others. Ana Lessa-Schmidt’s brilliant translation retains the beauty of João do Rio’s writing while rendering cultist mysteries with details, insight, precision, and grace. religionsinrio.html
by Gary Greenberg

Reviewing Gary Greenberg's 2013 expose about American psychiatry, the New York Times's Dwight Garner wrote that "Greenberg paces the psychiatric stage as if he were part George Carlin, part Gregory House." But on a spring night in 2013, he found himself pacing the stage of a grade school gym as if he were Hester Prynne. 

This is Gary Greenberg’s Kindle best-seller about what happens when a small-town planning and zoning commission meets up against sex offenders and an uprising of citizens — nothing less than a good old New England witch hunt. scotland.html
Be Revolutionary: 
Some Thoughts from Pope Francis
with a Foreword by
Sister Barbara Staley, MSC

Be Revolutionary is a compilation of thoughts expressed by Pope Francis in letters, speeches, press conferences, and Vatican pronouncements. 

Each thought is presented in a succinct paragraph or two. For a list of topics, click on the book. 
Law of the Jungle:
Environmental Anarchy and the Tenharim People of Amazonia
by Glenn Alan Cheney 
translated by Daniela Vidigal

The indigenous Tenharim people are at ground zero of the defense and destruction of Amazonia. The forest around their land has all been cut down. Now loggers are eager to take what’s left. The conflict of interests turns violent as a mob attacks and torches Tenharim villages, and then three non-indigenous men from a nearby town are found dead on Tenharim land. Similar stories are happening all over Amazonia as “capitalism” bulldozes an ancient way of life. jungle.html
Stories from Yantic Cemetery
by Melodye A. Whatley

There are over 11,000 stories buried in Yantic Cemetery 
in Norwich, Connecticut.
This book tells more than 100 of them. yantic.html

Candomblé, Umbanda, spells, positivism, maronites, physiolatry, evangelism, satanism, priestess, New Jerusalem, Iemanja, spiritualism, synagogues.  Zumi quilombo dos palmares , Palmares, Brazil Pernambuco “machado de assis” machado, brazilian literature

Thanksgiving: The Pilgrims’ First Year in America
by Glenn Alan Cheney

Thanksgiving is not a book about a holiday. It’s about something that a few dozen survivors did after a year of suffering, death, struggle, and courage.

Thanksgiving is a history not of heroes and cataclysmic events but of just plain people. It reflects virtually everything that each passenger did, how they lived and died, how they got along with the local people, and how they expressed their thanks with a feast that would come to define the American people. thanksgiving.html
Paintings by 
Colleen Hennessy
Five collections of over 40 paintings each by Denver artist Colleen Hennessy. Her work presents depth in simplicity as she conveys images gleaned from the American Southwest, Central America, and her beautiful, mysterious mind. hennessy.html




By Night or Day

Every Common Sight

Miss Dollar: Stories by Machado de Assis

Translated by
Greicy Pinto Bellin, Ph.D.
Ana Lessa-Schmidt, Ph.D.

Ten short stories in English and Portuguese by the Brazilian master Machado de Assis. 

Most of the stories have never been translated to English before, and most are from his early, formative period prior to 1880. 

This is a fine companion volume to go with New London Librarium’s Ex Cathedra: Stories by Machado de Assis, which presents 21 stories from his later period. dollar.html
Dr. Jamoke’s Little Book of Hitherto Uncompiled Facts and Curiosities Regarding Bees
by Hezekiah Jamoke

Who but Hezekiah Jamoke could assemble such a fascinating collection of facts relating to bees? In brief paragraphs of humor and insight he touches on  history, etymology, entomology, beekeeping, folklore, health, religion, the environment, politics, sociology, and so much more. The book is interesting to those who know little about these amazing insects...and those who think they know it all.bees.html
The Best Chronicles of Rubem Alves
by Rubem Alves
with a Foreword by Raquel Alves

Rubem Alves is one of Brazil’s most popular and beloved writers. A philosopher, theologian, psychoanalyst, and professor, he writes with depth and insight in a style that is warm, human, informal, and humorous. These short essays look into love, death, marriage, the mystery of mental health, the connection between gardening and politics, the meaning of popcorn, the beauty of noncompetitive sports, the special vision of children, and many other topics, always with a new and interesting perspective. alves.html

Art of Love

Tender Return
by Rubem Alves
with a Foreword by Raquel Alves

A philosopher, theologian, psychoanalyst, professor, writer, and, most significant of all, human being, Rubem Alves is renowned throughout the world for his original perspectives on life, history, psychology, religion, humanity, love, death, sex, soul, and...well, it’s impossible to encompass all that he has written on. 

Tender Returns is a brilliant and enjoyable collection of short and fascinating essays. Each one leaves the reader with something new to think about, and a new way to think about something already thought. alves.html
Vertiginous Life — Bilingual Edition
by João do Rio
with a Foreword by Bryan McCann, Ph.D.
Translated by Ana Lessa-Schmidt, Ph.D.

Rio de Janeiro
It was a venerable city in a new republic just a generation old. The people of Rio felt as new as the new century. A new culture of immigration and education blossomed.  New technologies of machinery—Automobiles! Airplanes!—advanced with blinding speed. Feminism! Advertisement! Democracy! Global travel! New journalism! Tea, slander, migrant camps, uppity servants! Life in Rio de Janeiro was dizzying. Vertiginous. 

On Women

Cultivating Illuminations:
Paintings by Mark Patnode

Mark Patnode is a highly regarded, award-winning artist whose work centers in and around New London, Connecticut. His cityscapes depict stately 19th-century buildings. His portraits of trees include Connecticut’s Charter Oak. His landscapes embrace nature’s humble majesty. 

To the Ends of the Earth:
Memoir of a Missionary Sister
of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Sister Maria Barbagallo, MSC, has led a most astonishing life. Raised in Italy during the World War II and the reign of Mussolini, she went on to become a Sister who worked in Central  America during the political and geological upheavals of the 1970s. From there she went to Argentina during the military dictatorship. Her dynamism, love, and faith allowed her to become the General Superior of her Congregation. Her story is an inspiration to everyone who cares about the world. sistermaria.html
His Hands on Earth:
Courage, Compassion, Charism, 
and the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus
by Glenn Alan Cheney

Portraits of missionary sisters in their work in various countries. These are not the stereotypical nuns in quiet convents or gentile elementary schools. They work in some of the most difficult, dangerous places in the world, siding with the poor and the downtrodden in their communities. They struggle with earthquakes, revolutions, epidemics, crime, extreme poverty, and seemingly unsurmountable challenges. But in the spirit of St. Francis Cabrini, they do not accept impossibility as a limit. catholic.html
The Merry Burial Compendium
by Glenn Alan Cheney

An odd collection of facts and curiosities regarding death and burial. These brief pieces relate to history, religion, sociology, biology, chemistry, myths, reincarnation, rites, green burial, famous last words, poems dealing with death, epitaphs, and the Merry Burial Blogs from 

Each page is fascinating and not nearly as morbid as one might think. Death is complicated, and this short, informative, entertaining book shines light into some of its darker corners. burial.html
Trio in A Minor
Five Stories by Machado de Assis
Bilingual Edition
Translated by Ana Lessa-Schmidt and Glenn Alan Cheney
Foreword by Greicy Pinto Bellin
Trio in A Minor presents five stories by Brazil’s most renowned writer, Machado de Assis. Two of them have never before been translated to English. Greicy Pinto Bellin, an authority on the work of Machado de Assis, explains the significance of the earlier works and how they relate to Machado’s literary development in later years.  
This bilingual edition, available in paperback, hardcover, and eBook, presents the original Portuguese alongside the English translations. brazil.html
Good Days!
The Bons Dias! Chronicles of Machado de Assis (1888-1889) — Bilingual Edition
Translated by Ana Lessa-Schmidt
Foreword by Greicy Pinto Bellin

Considered one of the greatest writers in the history of Western literature, Machado de Assis was a Brazilian novelist, short story writer, playwright, poet, and opinion columnist. In 1888 and 1889, he wrote a column for Rio de Janeiro’s Gazeta das Notícias. His chronicles turned his astute eye on one of the most important periods in Brazilian history. In 1888, slavery was abolished. And in 1889, the country ended its monarchy and formed a republic. 
Good Days! is the only complete collection of these chronicles in any language and the only English translations. Ana Lessa-Schmidt cleverly renders Machado’s quirky language into literary English.
Bilingual Editionbrazil.html
English Editionbrazil.html

To Love, intransitive verb

by Mário de Andrade, translated by Ana Lessa-Schmidt

The quintessential Brazilian modernist novel, a bilingual edition in English and the original Portuguese . It tells the story of a young German governess hired by a nouveau-riche family in São Paulo, Brazil. She soon learns that she's expected to initiate an adolescent son into the pleasures of the opposite sex. But then she falls in love, and so does he. Or don't they? It's complicated...

Two editions of this classic novel: Bilingual and English-only.

Selfies, by Wells Moore

Artist Wells Moore threw herself into daily drawings of an introspective nature—an effort to lift herself from some serious doldrums. The result is an astonishing collection of images that are mysterious, disturbing, and poignant, as dark as they are enlightening. They do what art does, using images to point into the unknown that’s just beyond the common vision. 

Wells Moore’s Selfies is the latest in New London Librarium’s Art Series. wells.html
Mother Goose and Other Rhymes
illustrated by 
Students at Sayles School

Everybody’s favorite childhood rhymes illustrated by children who see what really happened with Little Bo Peep, Jack Horner, the Muffin Man, the cow that jumped over the moon, the old lady who lived in a shoe, and so many other famous figures.   mothergoose.html
Pensamentos: Bits of Wisdom from Rubem Alves

Rubem Alves is one of Brazil’s most renowned and beloved writers. His books present a warm and tender humanistic philosophy that always puts new perspectives on the commonalities of human life. 

Pensamentos presents brief excerpts from several of Rubem’s books. Though they pithy quotes lack the logic of his arguments, their out-of-contact vagueness inspires new ideas in the reader. alves.html
Concerto for Body and Soul
by Rubem Alves
Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle

Short essays by one of Brazil’s most treasured writers. He touches on life, love, sex, gardens, trees, soup, crime, childhood, sanity, simplicity, death, hope, and so many other topics. As a philosopher, theologian, psychoanalyst and professor, he knows how to express profundity in the words of a favorite uncle at your kitchen table.

Rubem Alves lives in the same world as the rest of it, but he sees it in a different light. His readers always come away with a newly illuminated view of that world. brazil.html