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Time Gone

by Lynda Wesley McLaughlin

hardcover,  $19.95

Time Gone is lushly illustrated with detailed watercolors by the author. Its broad format invites the reader into scenes of a different world...a Caribbean island in days that were as simple as they were human and beautiful.

Looking through Time Gone is like taking an armchair tour to not only a distant place but a distant time. It presents the reader with a culture that is both foreign and American. Lovers of the Caribbean will cherish Time Gone, and public libraries will appreciate its special glimpse of a place few books present so beautifully.

What was it like to live on St. Thomas in the 1950s? Come down de road to visit the island as it was then. Meet the community with its charming customs as seen through the eyes of a child who was there. Visit the market, watch the Carnival parade, enjoy the holidays, and relish the flavor of a different time.

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