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Potshots from the Left

by G. Amicus Curiae

Paperback,  109 pages, $6.95


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In this collection of letters and essays Curiae defends such liberal causes as world peace, universal health care, grassroots democracy, environmental protection, and fiscal responsibility, fundamental values, and honesty in government. It also criticizes militarization, corporate influence over government, nuclear power, capitalism, Big Oil, lobbyists, telemarketing, and many other issues. Letters and essays appeared in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Hartford Courant, New London Day, Louisville Courier-Journal, Harper’s, and other prominent publications.

Praise for Potshots...

In Potshots I see hope for America — and the world. Curiae is the thinking-man’s Sartre.

        Francoise Vermouth

Warning! Warning! Warning! Orange Alert (for real)! Do not read this book!

        Michael Chertoff

Potshots leaves me mortified, humiliated, and utterly undone. Now I see the error in my ways, and I deeply regret my every action. I accomplished the wrong mission. My sorrow is exceeded only by my blameworthiness. With painful precision, Curiae has articulated the extent of my culpability, an unexplored vastness that only hints at the depth of my contrition. I am bloated with remorse. Now I understand that I am, in a word, guilty, guilty, guilty.

        George W. Bush

I wish I had read this book before I was even born.

        Donald Rumsfeld

It’s books like this that give the First Amendment a bad name.

        Alberto Gonzalez

So shoot me.

       Richard Cheney

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