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by Gary Greenberg

Reviewing Gary Greenberg's 2013 expose about American psychiatry, the New York Times's Dwight Garner wrote that "Greenberg paces the psychiatric stage as if he were part George Carlin, part Gregory House." But on a spring night in 2013, he found himself pacing the stage of a grade school gym as if he were Hester Prynne. 

This is Gary Greenberg’s Kindle best-seller about what happens when a small-town planning and zoning commission meets up against sex offenders and an uprising of citizens — nothing less than a good old New England witch hunt. scotland.html
Be Revolutionary: 
Some Thoughts from Pope Francis
with a Foreword by
Sister Barbara Staley, MSC

Be Revolutionary is a compilation of thoughts expressed by Pope Francis in letters, speeches, press conferences, and Vatican pronouncements. 

Each thought is presented in a succinct paragraph or two. For a list of topics, click on the book. 
Law of the Jungle:
Environmental Anarchy and the Tenharim People of Amazonia
by Glenn Alan Cheney 
translated by Daniela Vidigal

The indigenous Tenharim people are at ground zero of the defense and destruction of Amazonia. The forest around their land has all been cut down. Now loggers are eager to take what’s left. The conflict of interests turns violent as a mob attacks and torches Tenharim villages, and then three non-indigenous men from a nearby town are found dead on Tenharim land. Similar stories are happening all over Amazonia as “capitalism” bulldozes an ancient way of life. jungle.html
Promised Land: 
A nun’s struggle to resist landlessness, lawlessness, slavery, poverty, corruption, injustice and environmental devastation in Amazônia. 

Based on Glenn Alan Cheney’s article in Harper’s Magazine, Promised Land reports on the life-and-death struggle of Sister Leonora Brunetto as she struggles to save the people and nature of Brazil’s state of Mato Grosso.  land.html
Potshots from the Left
by G. Amicus Curiae

A compilation of Curiae’s letters and essays defending such liberal causes as world peace, universal health care, grassroots democracy, environmental protection, and fiscal responsibility, fundamental values, and honesty in government.  potshots.html
Lurking Doubt:
Notes on Incarceration
by Glenn Alan Cheney

Lurking Doubt takes quick looks at myriad aspects o prisons, prisoners, imprisonment–history, problems, conditions, injustice, statistics, effects on prisoners and families, children in prison, and, mostly, programs and the possibilities of reform. 
This short book was written to give general readers some quick indications of areas and subtopics that might be worthy of further research. Copious footnotes and bibliography give readers many directions to go.