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Paintings by Colleen Hennessy
Paperback,  70 pages, $16.95
All copies signed by the artist.
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Colleen Hennessy’s  work draws on myth, ritual, and the creative processes of a photographer’s sense of meticulous composition. Her playful use of color, form, and design patterns, transport one into a fantastic world, at the antipodes of the mind, just beneath the radar of the possible. This is where optimism, and hope also dwell. Would’t we all like to be passengers on her magic bus? Just beware: is that trickster coyote, or Kokopelli driving?
Fran Palkovic 
    Adjunct Instructor of Art and Art Survey
    Big Bend Community College
Hennessy’s style is distinct, presenting recognizable forms and color combinations that make something quake deep in the psyche.  Always, there is an undercurrent of mystery, a strangeness seen in expressions or setting that induces a velvety emotion.  It’s as if one is seeing something that almost exists.
Greg Matheny
Art collector and Poet

Every piece of Hennessy’s artwork seems to tell a story. I love her use of color and lines to create her vision. Her work seems to be influenced by her extensive travels and life experiences. She invites you to share those experiences through her art. Her work is intense but playful, serious yet fun—a true joy to experience.
Crystal O’Brien
Executive director,
Chicano Humanities & Arts Council
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By Night or Day
Paintings by Colleen Hennessy
Paperback,  78 pages, $16.95
Every Common Sight
Paintings by Colleen Hennessy
Paperback,  71 pages, $16.95
Art of Love
Paintings by Colleen Hennessy
Thoughts from Rubem Alves
Paperback,  73 pages, $15.95

Art of Love is an exquisite collection of paintings and thoughts on the theme of love.

Colleen Hennessy’s bright colors and broad strokes put life into people who otherwise might appear humble or shy.

Rubem Alves, one of Brazil’s most beloved writers, uses words to put philosophical depth into the mysteries of love. The book includes three short essays and brief aphorisms for dozens of paintings.

The book is a wonderful gift for a lover. Between the dreamlike images and the philosophical insights, it helps express the inexpressible that lovers feel but cannot say.

Download an Excerpthennessy_files/Art%20Of%20Love%20Excerpt.pdf
On Women
Paintings by Colleen Hennessy
on the theme of Women
Paperback,  97 pages, $20.00