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His Hands on Earth:

Courage, Compassion, Charism,

and the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

by Glenn Alan Cheney

Introduction by Sr. Barbara Staley, MSC

268 pages — hardcover, paperback, and ebook editions

His Hands on Earth looks into the lives and work of Cabrini Sisters in some of the most difficult and desperate places in the world. Some have confronted the AIDS epidemic in Swaziland. Others labor in the slums of Argentina and the outback of Brazil. Others have lived among the poor in Nicaragua during the revolution. Others serve the poorest of the poor in gang-controlled districts of Guatemala City. Others shelter desperate migrants at a desert safehouse in northern Mexico.

These stories of compassion, courage, dedication, and faith portray the quietest heroes in the world. As Glenn Alan Cheney explores their lives, he sheds light on situations in places too often overlooked. Their stories are history in the making, depictions of a world still struggling for decency, dignity, justice, and goodwill.

This title is also available in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. Contact the author for these special language editions.

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