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Break the Spell
by Susan Marie Powers

Break the Spell is about the ways life surprises us with its wonder and terror, its losses and unimaginable blessings. Major themes reiterated throughout the collection include the intense feelings aroused by motherhood, the acute pleasure of sexuality, and the harsh reality of death in its many forms. Many people strive to have it all -- meaningful work, passionate relationships, quality time with their children, health and longevity.spell.html
Remember Me: Stories
by Penny Newbury

A collection of short stories that combine fantasy with the remembered past and recount the interconnected lives and adventures of people who never thought they’d meet each other, especially in fiction. Characters include the denizens of a new-age spiritual community, career criminals, Paraguayan cattle thieves, fishermen, freemasons, humanitarian aid workers, remembered family, and ghosts. Included in the collection is the first chapter of a novel loosely based on a 1990 unsolved murder in southeastern Connecticut.remember.html
Ex Cathedra: Stories by Machado de Assis
a Bilingual Edition
Edited by Glenn Alan Cheney, Luciana Tanure, and Rachel Kopit

Over 20 stories by Machado de Assis, Brazil’s most renowned writer. Most are previously untranslated. With support from Brazil’s Ministry of Culture, this unprecedented Portuguese-English edition was translated by scholars from a dozen universities in four countries. cathedra.html