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Catholic Series

Promised Land: 
A nun’s struggle to resist landlessness, lawlessness, slavery, poverty, corruption, injustice and environmental devastation in Amazônia. 

Based on Glenn Alan Cheney’s article in Harper’s Magazine, Promised Land reports on the life-and-death struggle of Sister Leonora Brunetto as she struggles to save the people and nature of Brazil’s state of Mato Grosso.  land.html
Be Revolutionary: 
Some Thoughts from Pope Francis
with a Foreword by
Sister Barbara Staley, MSC

Be Revolutionary is a compilation of thoughts expressed by Pope Francis in letters, speeches, press conferences, and Vatican pronouncements. 

Each thought is presented in a succinct paragraph or two. For a list of topics, click on the book. 

When two Missionary Sisters of Cabrini, Barbara Staley and Diane DalleMolle, arrived in Swaziland, a third of the population had AIDS, tuberculosis was endemic, and ten percent of the Swazi people were orphans. Children were raising children as the adults around them wasted away.

In the arid, thorn-bush outback of the Lubombo region, the sisters worked with little help from the outside world. Dealing with drought, illiteracy, disease, corruption, rape, black magic, witch doctors, and venomous snakes, they fed, housed, and educated over a hundred orphans. They established an HIV/TB clinic. They installed a municipal-scale water system. They introduced the Swazi culture to a new idea: the notion of loving thy neighbor.