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Ex Cathedra: 
Stories by Machado de Assis
Bilingual Edition
Edited by Glenn Alan Cheney, Luciana Tanure, Rachel Kopit
Paperback,  444 pages, $19.95
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Machado de Assis is Brazil’s most renowned writer. Critics, including Harold Bloom and Susan Sontag, consider him the most important Latin American writer. He has been compared with Twain, Tolstoy, Flaubert, Sterne, and more than a dozen other great writers. 

Ex Cathedra is a collection of 21 new translations of short stories. Most have never before appeared in English. The translators are scholars from three continents. 

This bilingual edition presents the original Portuguese on one side of each spread, the English translation on the other. This format proves useful to scholars comparing the languages and to students of Portuguese or English. 

And of course lovers of literature will appreciate every story for their detailed realism and their flights of surrealism. 

This book is available in Brazil at
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The Translators

Laura Cade Brown • Krista Brune • Glenn Alan Cheney

David George • Linda Ledford-Miller • Ana Lessa-Schmidt

Nelson López Rojas • John Maddox • Adam Morris

Rex P. Nielson • Leila Osman  • Marissel Hernández Romero

Steven K. Smith  • Lisandra Sousa • Luciana Tanure • Nelson Vieira

The Stories

Nuptial Song / Cantiga dos Esponsais

Among Saints / Entre Santos

Xerxes’ Tears / Lágrimas do Xerxes

Cabriolet Anecdote / Anedota Cabriolet

Fulano / Fulano

Ex Cathedra / Ex Cathedra

Viver! / Live!

Maria Cora / Maria Cora

The Second Life / A Segunda Vida

Pecuniary Anecdote / Anedota Pecuniária

Manuscript of a Sacristan / Manuscrito de um Sacristão

Galvão’s Lady / A Mulher do Galvão

The Loan / O Empréstimo

A Lady / Uma Mulher

Canon or Metaphysics of Style /

O Cônego ou Metafísica do Estilo

Trio in A Minor / Trio em Lá Menor

The Academies of Siam / As Academias de Sião

An Errant / Um Erradio

A Visit from Alcibiades / Uma Visita de Alcibáiades

Old Papers / Papeis Velhos

A Captain of Volunteers / Um Capitão de Voluntários

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