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Art Series

Five Collections of Paintings by Colleen Hennessy:
• Wheresoe’er
Every Common Sight
By Day or Night
Art of Love
On Women
Five collections of paintings by Denver artist Colleen Hennessy. Her work presents depth in simplicity as she conveys images gleaned from the American Southwest, Central America, and her beautiful, mysterious mind. hennessy.html
Time Gone By
by Lynda Wesley McLaughlin

Time Gone is lushly illustrated with detailed watercolors by the author. Its broad format invites the reader into scenes of a different world...a Caribbean island in days that were as simple as they were human and beautiful.time.html
Cultivating Illuminations, by Mark Patnode

Mark Patnode’s paintings of New London and environs have done much to bring respect to the beauty of the city and the bucolic fields, forests, and shoreline that surround it. 

While his subjects tend to focus on cityscapes and landscapes, his aesthetics are more a matter of light. Often working at dawn and sunset, he endows his subjects with warm and inviting illumination. patnode.html
Selfies, drawings by Wells Moore

Wells Moore’s selfies go deep. Defying the frivolous, narcissistic superficiality of the common cell phone selfie, her portraits search for the inner self beyond the reach of photography or physical perception. In other words, they go where only art and artists go. In their visual journeys, they explore the unknown and reveal something from the misty frontiers of self-understanding.  And dare I suggest that bits of  Wells’s selfies are inside us all? When we look at Wells looking inside herself, we see ourselves inside a little better. It’s worth a look. 
Mother Goose and Other Rhymes
illustrated by 
Students at Sayles School

Everybody’s favorite childhood rhymes illustrated by children who see what really happened with Little Bo Peep, Jack Horner, the Muffin Man, the cow that jumped over the moon, the old lady who lived in a shoe, and so many other famous figures.   

Introduction by Sayles principal Danielle Schoman.

Profits from this book go to support the Sayles School art program.