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The Best Chronicles of Rubem Alves

by Rubem Alves, with a Foreword by Raquel Alves

Paperback, 182 pages   $12.95

Rubem Alves is one of Brazil’s most widely read and admired writers. His passing in 2014 was mourned across the country. His warm and very human philosophy touched everyone who read his thoughts. A philosopher, theologian, and psychoanalyst, he always had an intriguing way of looking at such disparate topics as love, death, marriage, sex, music, nature, childhood, religion, sport, ritual, culture, literature, and history. He looked deeply into popcorn, ox carts, gardens, violins, record players, and other common things of secret significance. 

Alves is the author of more than 40 books. Most have been translated into various languages. This collection of essays, however, has never before been translated into English. The foreword is by his daughter, Raquel Alves, and the Introduction is by Ana Lessa-Schmidt, an astute observer of Brazil culture.
Art of Love
Paintings by Colleen Hennessy
Thoughts from Rubem Alves
Paperback,  73 pages  

Tender Returns

by Rubem Alves, with a Foreword by Raquel Alves

Paperback, 212 pages, $12.95

Rubem Alves was kind enough to leave the world this precious set of brief essays before he passed away in 2014. Each one is a caress of thought, an appreciation of beauty, a peek at the mysterious, a reconsideration of the known, a sharing of sentiment. 

In the 38 essays in this collection, Alves touches on envy, AIDS, writers and cooks, bullshit and politics, the time to die, the burden born by doctors, candles, the terror of the mirror, the meaning of autumn, gardens, widows, love letters, love, and so much more. Hardly an essay will fail to touch on some aspect of every reader’s life. 

The essays are introduced with a foreword by the author’s daughter, who, in a style reminiscent of her father’s, reflects on her life with him.
Pensamentos: Bits of Wisdom from Rubem Alves
paperback, 178 pages $9 .00
From the Foreword of Pensamentos...

“You could read this book in under an hour. 
	“But then you will not have read it. You will have missed it as if in a car that zipped by reflections in a pond, a fawn at the edge of woods, a hitch-hiker with tales to tell. You will have swallowed the words without tasting the ideas—a Thanksgiving feast gulped down as if no more than a compacted pill of nutrient extract. You will have missed the depths of the vast blank spaces between Rubem Alves’s succinct and subtle pronouncements. 
“Those spaces are indeed blank. Empty. The words that appear among them are excerpts from more densely populated fields, the contexts of tales, arguments, explanations, reminders, analyses, and assorted wonderings. Here the contexts have been peeled away, leaving the stark-naked nuggets of ideas, seeds deprived of pods. 
“The open space around each isolated idea is new world for the reader to explore. It’s a place to wander at whim, at leisure, at will. It’s what Rubem would want you to do—take your time, be a child for a while, think the unthought, noddle your way through oddities and contradictions until you find the truths that render them intelligible....”
Concerto for Body and Soul
by Rubem Alves
hardcover, paperback, kindle

Rubem Alves’s short essays  shine an insightful light on the human experience. They examine the pains, pleasures, fears, and desires of the body and the mysteries of the soul. He touches on life, death, sex, love, childhood, soup, freedom, control, society, and so much more. He examines his own respect for simplicity but tendency toward multiplicity. He wonders about Cinderella’s father. He looks at the truth behind barbecues. He compares the effectiveness of guns and intelligence. He considers the ant. He casts an eye toward the end of the world. He mourns. He celebrates. He listens to music. He sips soup and sucks jabuticabas. He adds when he wants to subtract. 
This book is for people who have bodies and souls. The ideas and insights flow like a concerto, touching the reader in ways that are sometimes clear, sometimes mysterious, and always, always interesting.
Art of Love is an exquisite collection of paintings and thoughts on the theme of love. 

Colleen Hennessy’s bright colors and broad strokes put life into people who otherwise might appear humble or shy. 

Rubem Alves, one of Brazil’s most beloved writers, uses words to put philosophical depth into the mysteries of love. The book includes three short essays and brief aphorisms for dozens of paintings. 

The book is a wonderful gift for a lover. Between the dreamlike images and the philosophical insights, it helps express the inexpressible that lovers feel but cannot say.

Rubem Alves