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Pandemic Special!

Any New London Librarium Paperback


including shipping & handling!

Ordering is a 3-step process.

  1. 1.Click on “Titles” (above) and find the book(s) you want. Note the title(s).

  2. 2.Click on “Add to Cart” (below). You will be taken to a shopping  cart where you will be charged $10 per book. The title(s) will not be specified there. Specify the quantity you want.

  3. 3.Send an email to In the email, specify the title you want to buy. Also put your name—the same name you used for your credit card charge.

In a short time you will receive an email confirming the title(s) you ordered and when it or they will be sent—usually within a day but maybe 10 days. If the delay is too long, you can cancel your order by return email.

Questions? Contact that same email address.

Stay Safe! Stay home! Read a book! Then read another book.